My wifes employer was acquired by a competitor and she has an employer RSP and DPSP under the old plan. There will be a new plan with the new company (run by Sun Life) and they only have a handful of products to chose from but she can't turn down the 5% match they offer. I am going to pick a Blackrock Lifepath product which is one stop shopping covering a variety of indexes for a reasonable 1% fee.

Question is what to do with her old plan? Transfer both RSP and DPSP over forcing sale of old products? Transfer in kind to her RBC self directed RSP so I can manage it (and likely sell off most of it inside the account over the next year to distribute the funds in line with current holdings and strategy)? If adding funds from a DPSP to an RSP does it affect contribution limits for that year?

Thanks for any help here. Her HR contact is useless and I thought someone here might have experience with a DPSP.