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Thread: The tenants you get these days

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    I'd like to think I was a good tenant for the few years I rented between the time I first moved out of my parents' home until I bought my own house, but there are a lot of bad landlords too. I had to move multiple times due to landlords selling their unit. During this time I also had to deal with realtors bringing prospective buyers to view the place, probably about 70-80 people viewed the place over the 3 month period it was on sale.

    Being a tenant sucks, and being a landlord sucks. That's why I'm neither. I live in my own house, I answer to nobody and I have no responsibility to anybody. I invest in real estate through REITs, which I can liquidate with the click of a mouse button when I want.

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    I like what Just a guy mentioned... "Look for lies, inconsistencies, or even embellishments"

    I have a rental in a rough part of Hamilton and I've heard all kinds of stuff..
    Sometimes I just keep my mouth shut and just look and see how many teeth they have in their mouth.
    And if the topic of jail comes up.. automatic pass.. he's in jail.. he's coming out of jail.. he went to jail.. any of the above.. lol
    If a single mom tells you 'she's gotta do what she's gotta do'.. don't ask her what it is that she does..

    and then hopefully when you get home that evening you get an email that comes in from a nice sounding lady with perfect grammar..
    then you ask for her phone number (because kijiji scrambles the email addresses now)
    and use that phone number to search on facebook.
    more often than not it'll come up with that person's profile..

    if she's got all her teeth, you can proceed to the next step showing her the place.
    Then I look for lies, inconsistencies, or even embellishments.

    you don't have to play every hand you're dealt. just be patient and someone will come along who wants to move in there to be closer to their work

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