[Loblaws] Canadian Tire Gift Cards !!10% OFF!
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Thread: [Loblaws] Canadian Tire Gift Cards !!10% OFF!

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    Wink [Loblaws] Canadian Tire Gift Cards !!10% OFF!

    Hey Everyone,

    I was in my local Loblaws and noticed they have coupons for a Canadian Tire promotion. You can get 10% off of $25, $50 and $100 Canadian Tire Gift Cards! This deal has me really happy -- I was planning to buy a new outdoor furniture set, now I'll get em at a discount!

    $25 - $22.50 w/discount
    $50 - $45.00 w/discount
    $100 - $90 w/discount

    This deal is at select Loblaws, Atlantic Super Store, Dominion, Real Canadian Superstore, Zehrs, T&T and Fortinos stores.

    Happy Shopping!CT Promo Coupon.jpg

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    Thanks for sharing their promotional offer..
    looking to see further offers as well..

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