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    Quote Originally Posted by londoncalling View Post

    Hindsight being 20-20 a coworker and I discussed buying more in December. Would have been a great return short term. Long run would have put me overweight in both sector and company.

    Still good news for those that hold. Still under water since I purchased post fukishima. Long term hold for me. May trim if it ever gets back into the 20s. Cheers

    Likewise, i had my average cost at around $20ish built in the past years, after it fell close to $16 this past summer, I averaged down ,,, and whoops ... wrong move as it dropped even more.
    I waited some month until was able to grab some at $11.4. Have been happy to see my investment rebound to a only 8% loss ( :-) ).

    Though not entirely sure what is moving at this point.
    Looks like uranium has been the last participent to enter the commodity rally. Or perhaps the talks about defence and nuclear built up. Thing is all i hear on news is US nuclear power plant wanting to close down.

    let's see... haven't bought anymore since $11.4 nor planning to sell underwater
    Average cost is around $17, at least it pays some dividends

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    .... We also continue with our Uranium day and talk about a couple stocks and why Chris thinks this will continue to be a good investment sector.

    Starting at about 9 minutes in, Chris Temple spends a few minutes talking about uranium.

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