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Thread: Costs of renovating kitchens and bathrooms

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    It also depends on how set you are in having things a certain way. For example if you wanted granite counters, the price can vary depending on the colour. It also depends on the supplier. When I called around, I had quotes upwards of $150+/sq. ft. I made a lot of calls, one guy quoted $50/sq but had limited selection. Eventually, I found a rural supplier who quoted $5/sq for materials and $14/sq for cutting and polishing for a total of $19/sq. I think they reprocessed broken pieces, but had a huge selection and it fit the bill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donald View Post
    Dogcom-the basement joists(2x10's or 2x12's-in older homes pre eng.joists)is the important factor.(what they are on center ie:2 ft/18 inch or 16 inch & telepost placement & the main beams running in the basement that the joists are attached-outside leaders ect)are what you need to look @ most.If they are not up to code or suffient the worst thing you could do is add another layer of weight over top of an exsisting floor and than put heavy tile on.

    Your better off ripping the subfloor right off(2 the joist work and start new)Its also better because you can properly glue and screw it.(nothing worst than screwing through multiple layers of flooring,and not getting the floor properly fastened.
    ...and the squeaks..i hate squeaky upper floors squeak in places because the builder used 2x8 and parquet flooring.
    Imagine the cost today to replace or strengthen the floor joists with cross bracing and a new plywood subfloor screwed down to the floor joists instead of just nailed?
    Everytime I run over part of the floor..things like cabinets on it start shaking.

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    When my wife and I were buying our current house, we needed a whole new kitchen as the current one was terrible.

    We went to Ikea and looked at the kitchens there and thought they looked nice. Then we used their online building software to lay out a new kitchen.

    Then we had a meeting with a kitchen designer, and realized we didn't have a clue what we were doing. We immediately scrapped the Ikea plans.

    Our layout of our new kitchen is just so much better than what we were coming up with on our own. A professional really helped.

    The extra money we paid for our kitchen was well worth it, and it is a "wow" kitchen that impresses everyone that sees it.

    This isn't money saving advice, but sometimes you just have to indulge.

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    Hello, if you need to paint something in your kitchen

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