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    Quote Originally Posted by olivaw View Post
    ^Good point.

    We can't plan our date of death. We will either have too little money and become a burden - or - too much money and leave a legacy. The later is the better choice.
    We are not even trying to get it right. Ideally, if we don't run into medical or other unforeseen expenses, we will not draw down our portfolio by much, if at all. Our adult kids will likely have difficulty saving for their own retirements. We will be happy to help when the time comes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agent99 View Post
    We will be happy to help when the time comes.
    I like this....too many people are gifting kids that have no clue about the value of money.

    I prefer to hook up my kids when they are ready to retire as well (if I'm alive)...hopefully by then they'll have stopped buying lattes and begun driving used cars.

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    We too will be happy to help when the time comes. It seems like the right thing to do on so many levels.
    If you have something to say - then say.

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    I propose a new paradigm.... the CWR for Calculated Withdrawal Rate (which can be negative BTW) You specify the size and trajectory of your after tax income (living costs) and the CWR is calculated based on inflation, ROR estimates, salary profile, taxation rules, entitlements, cash windfalls, and estate goals. Easy-peasy.

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