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Thread: Some things cheaper in Canada than US

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewf View Post
    It's interesting. Currently the tires I bought in Canada were way cheaper than the same set off Tirerack. So people from the US should be buying in Canada.

    Tirerack is about $765 CAD + shipping (~$80) to a US address, whereas I got the same set in Canada for $650 (taxes, fees, and install included). Pirelli P7 Plus 205/50R17 if you are curious.
    I just had similar experience. Bought a set of 205/70-14 tires here in small town Ontario. TOTAL cost C$550 less $50 mail in rebate (incl inst, balancing, taxes, road hazard warranty, etc). Similar tires from USA shipped to near border would have been a lot more expensive. Also a lot more trouble unless shipped to Canada, which more than doubles the US cost. Tirerack did offer a choice of 3 brands while locally just two brands (14" are scarce these days). The FX rate is a killer for US purchases and if you have their tires shipped to a near border installer, you have to add the shipping and the installation. Can add up to another US$200. Then you must declare them driving home and pay taxes and duty if applicable (or risk having car confiscated!)

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    its a nice comparison my friend!
    Thanks for sharing it!

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    I just bought more contact lenses at today. I used this coupon code (pj2431) which eliminated the shipping and handling fees... quite a good discount.

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    Healthcare and prescriptions.

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    Laser Eye Surgery, especially in Vancouver. Not only is the marketplace in Vancouver brutally competitive due to a significant number of high-volume procedure centers, but priced in Canadian dollars, even the most expensive place costs half as much as most of them do in the United States.

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