ZenBanx Exchange CAD>USD @ par Aug.3 (max $250)
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Thread: ZenBanx Exchange CAD>USD @ par Aug.3 (max $250)

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    ZenBanx Exchange CAD>USD @ par Aug.3 (max $250)

    I stole this from RFD so credit to the guys over there. Here is the thread: http://forums.redflagdeals.com/zenba...p-1st-1777009/


    ZenBanx is doing exchange USD @ par promotion again for Civic holiday (August 3).

    Make sure open an account at least 3 business days BEFORE Aug 3rd. It sometimes takes more than couple of days to process cheque deposit or verifying linked account.

    As CAD is going down everyday, it's good promo. When they had same promo on Canada Day, I got $250 into $310 after exchanging it back!

    To Sign Up

    You can either visit

    https://zbc.zenbanx.ca/ from desktop OR Download the app from app store (search for Zenbanx)

    Deposit $250 CAD
    On Aug 3, convert that to USD at market rate
    They will add the difference

    For example (using FX at 1.3):

    August 3 - convert $250 CAD to USD
    Will deposit $192.31 in your US account
    Within a couple of days, you will get a deposit of $57.69 USD to that account
    So you now have $250 USD

    From there you can keep, or convert back to CAD (at 1.3, it's $325)
    Then you can withdraw

    Zenbanx MINI-FAQ

    There is also a $10 referral bonus (the new signup gets $10 and the person referring gets $10) but I don't want to post any referral links here and get into trouble.

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    I meant to post this yesterday but RFD is where all the referral chasing is getting out of hands, for $10
    So hoping it's all good here and everyone can benefit

    Referral or not, get yourself an account ASAP for the $75 profit!!!

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