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I hadn't given it a ton of thought but I was planning on slowly transitioning (10% every 2-3 years) from an 80/20 equity/bond split to a 20/80 equity/bond split. I'm starting to wonder if that's a little reckless though, given that this account will likely be drained over a period of 4 years there's probably no good reason to be in equities when the kid is approaching college age...

Even VAB.to has dropped considerably in the past couple months... maybe GIC's would be more appropriate..hmm..

My returns shouldn't be anything special because I'm probably just going to use the CCP 3 fund portfolio off the start. I'm 80/20 equities/bonds in my personal portfolio and my returns were the same (within 5 basis points) of another poster who mentioned that he was 80/20 with a CCP portfolio in the "how did you do in 2016?" thread. This gives me confidence that I'm a) doin' it right and b) calculating returns correctly.
This is a useful guide. It's what I plan to follow at least.