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    Quote Originally Posted by james4beach View Post

    Then, as your trip approaches, go back to Enterprise and pull up a quote for the same day. Their rates fluctuate daily and you will often find a lower rate. When that happens, I make a second booking. Then I go back and cancel the earlier booking. Sometimes your initial reservation was the best rate, in which case you just keep that. Make sure you cancel any duplicate bookings you are holding!
    This does work, booked my car rental a while back via doyouitaly.com and today went to purchase the CDW insurance they offer (less than a 1/3rd the cost of the car rental firm) and on a whim decided to see what deals they offered, same car was 20€ cheaper! Unfortunately I had just purchased the insurance and wasn't sure if it was cancellable or changeable. Oh well will remember for next time

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    On my last rental, I hit trash on a US highway and it scratched up the front of the car It will be interesting to see if Enterprise will bother charging me repair costs. They did not ask for any money up front, but said they might phone me later if there are costs to pay.

    I already called the insurance for the TD credit card and opened a file - but not an insurance claim - with the incident report.

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