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    I've never understood priceline so I stick with (the place with the stupid Captian Obvious commercials). The price is usually competitive but we try to double check with other sites and direct to ensure that we are paying a fair price. They have a rewards program that gives us free nights after ten nights of hotel stays. They may not be the cheapest but they have never screwed up a single booking in over a decade of online bookings. I always make bookings that can be cancelled for free because travel plans can change.

    Is hotwire cheaper than,, expedia etc?

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    There is a way where you can get cheaper rates while booking tickets online. Through this hack, i was able to travel to spain cheaper than what i would have paid if i had booked the tickets the normal way. All I did was I changed my IP address through a VPN (you can also use proxy sites) to make the deal website think that I am a user located in another area. This action made the website offer me a cheaper rate. I kept altering the ip until I got the cheapest rate I could find. Different areas get different deals. When doing this tactic, You should also clear your cookies and temporary internet files or use incognito mode. These websites use dynamic pricing method which means they will continuously increase the prices when you go to the website again or revisit the page. I found this hack through this article

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    We have used Priceline bidding, and ONLY the bidding component, very successfully in the US, UK (it has been great multiple times for London), France (Paris-three time). Canada so so. Had one great win in Italy. Westin Palace, Milan four years ago for $56USD (and we were almost at par). We do Hotwire sometimes. Depends on the locale. We always consult and/or prior to bidding on P/L or doing a Hotwire hotel.

    We belong to the Accor hotel chain card (Novatel, McGallery, Ibis, Mercury, etc). We have taken advantage of some excellent offers from time to time. Usually have to book for three days, pay in advance, with no cancellation. But if your plans are firm, getting a 30 percent discount and a great buffet breakfast thrown in is very attractive. Same with Hilton, Marriott, and Melia.

    We shop on Booking. com but we always try to reserve direct with the hotel/B&B etc. We find that booking direct often gives us better terms or something extra,including a better room. We have a good friend in the hospitality business. She confirmed this practice.

    We also ask for a cash price. Did this just a week ago in Costa Rica. Cash price was $60 instead of $75 if we had booked on or paid with a credit card. You do have to ask...but not by email!
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    I like or or calling the hotel directly. Decent rates.

    Not a huge fan of Priceline given you must pay in advance. I like having contingencies and options.

    Love Airbnb.

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