We have received a high number of complaints from users relating to other users, offensive posts, off-topic and spam posts. It has been noticed that this has occured with the higher volume of non-financial posts in recent times. Let this therefore be your notice that any posts that are deemed off-topic, argumentative, personal attacks, quarrelling between members and excessive number of non-financial posts will be deleted and users moderated or banned as necessary. All of these types of posts are diluting the quality of the forum. Those wishing to have personal discussions with friends here should take it offline via private messages or email. Forum moderators are busy and will not become babysitters to mediate personal squabbles. Police yourselves or else it will be done for you.

If anyone wishes to report a specific post which violates the aformentioned, they should not start a thread about it, but instead click on the REPORT POST exclamation icon that appears beside each post. Any further threads that are started about this will be deleted and users moderated. We are serious about maintaining a respectful and topical decorum here at CMF.

Above all folks, this is a financial forum. Please keep it on topic.

Thank you.

Your moderation team.