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    Peter you're absolutely killing it - it's actually exciting to watch your net worth skyrocket like this. You're leaving me in the dust!

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    Thanks guys. It's entirely just luck (good stock market gains for me so far this year) and circumstance (~25k of forced overtime worked in 2016, ~10k in living expenses paid by insurance/government/red cross for 2 months during the fire) that I've managed to do so well this year.

    I'm growing more and more worried about a commodities and oil crash if there is a major market decline. I'd like to exit some of these positions, and have been a little bit here and there, but still have massive exposure to oil and metals that I'm not willing to give up yet.

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    November 2016

    An OK month, but I'm extremely disappointed with my stock picks. I was trying to bet on a surprise Trump election win, and, despite being very right, I was still very wrong and lost lots of money. I had sold some stocks, bought some gold stocks, and also bought SPY puts and ABX calls right before the election. Overnight when Trump was declared markets were melting down, gold was surging... then by 9am the next morning everything had calmed back down and I managed to very quickly turn $900 into $100. Bah!

    Also, my little 250 share gamble on PSG didn't go so well. Thanks for that hot tip HP.

    Stocks - $157,600 (+$8,300)
    ---TFSA: $46,200
    ---RRSP: $54,300
    ---Unreg: $57,100

    Been Selling: Teck, Vale.
    Buying: AAPL, G, F, PM.
    Moved my SU from TFSA to RRSP after this latest run up to $42.

    Cash - $145,300 (+$1,900)
    ---Unreg: $130,800
    ---RRSP: $10,700 USD

    All unregistered cash is back in Tangerine now, getting 2.23% until year's end.

    Pensions - $57,700 (-$1,400)
    ---DB Pension CV (100% employer funded) : $36,200
    ---Supplemental DC Pension (50/50 matched): $8,100
    ---DB Indexing Fund (100% employee paid) : $13,400

    Usual contributions, DB adjusted down for some reason. Just the pension tool being wonky as it often is.



    Net Worth

    $360,600 (+$8,800)


    September Spending --------- $3,668
    October Spending --------- $4,111

    Fairly pricey month... Paid $600 for a new coffee table, and $1000 for the road trip at Thanksgiving (Didn't actually pay for that in October like I had reported last month).

    Grocery Garbage

    Forgot to keep track this month. Oops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterk View Post
    [B][SIZE=3]Also, my little 250 share gamble on PSG didn't go so well. Thanks for that hot tip HP.

    phooie. why didn't you sell in late april? i did, as soon as the april options expired. Rec'd 3.94. The short options were the only reason i held as long as i did.

    i believe early researchers had already published that the desmarais family & other significant holders were likely intending to sell the company for its parts? i distinctly remember posting that info & you could have taken the trouble to read it instead of gambling blindly.

    you should have been able to figure out what selling the parts would mean for the PSG debt. If you can't calculate like this, then it would be better to stay away from exotic situations.

    your loss appears to be half your new coffee table. A third of your election night binge loss. Did you blame your cmf vote night tipsters, whoever they were? (recall seeing their odds & talk early on the night of nov 8th, somebody was saying it was a can't lose situation, but i don't remember who they were)

    it's poor form to blame others for one's very own mistakes, imho you are now a tiny tad too old for this .

    ego borago gaudia semper ago

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    Oh my... Is this outrage because I forgot to take seriously my food waste this month HP!? I know it is important to you that we all follow the 3 Rs, me too. Sometimes I slip up... I'm terribly sorry.

    In fact rather than blame, I wished only to acknowledge by name a person who is on a list of 2 or perhaps 3 individuals who I would ever contemplate acting on a stock tip from. The others most certainly does not reside anywhere near that nasty Trump thread...
    As you've of course correctly noted, the failing was not in the listening, but in not listening closely enough. I'll try harder next time.

    I recall asking my grade 7 teacher for help with some art project we were working on (I hated art - music, geography and science were my subjects). She said: "Peter, I'm sick of giving you advice... Every time I tell you how to do something you never listen to me anyways and just end up doing it your own way, so go figure it out yourself!"

    As an aside, I did used to enjoy being described as old, taking it as a compliment in my early 20s. Nearing 30 though, struggling the past 2 years to combat several ailments and bodily failings, I now endeavor to avoid reminders of my fragile mortality and gradual decay. *sigh*

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    December 2016 and Year-End

    2016 will be a year to remember!

    - Made it through the Fort Mac fires unscathed except for being displaced from our home for a month; somehow my aquarium fish survived without being fed for 32 days.
    - Worked 72hrs/week for 5 weeks (coker shutdown) before and up to the fire, then was forced back to working the same schedule for another 4 weeks immediately after the fire. This was one of the most grueling times of my life, and throwing a fire/refugee situation in the middle of it was not at all ideal.
    - Had a surgery this fall and was off on sick time for 4 weeks because of it, and am also healing from two other injuries/ailments of my miserable body. I'm not sure I'm through it all yet, might possibly need another surgery. Overall I'm stable though or improving, wishing I was pain free and carefree like I used to be. I hope to God that in 2017 I'll be able to get back to 100% health. I'd give anything to be in full health, and if the Canadian medical system fails me, I might have to spend some serious money to get fixed up...Hopefully it doesn't come to that.
    - Went on 3 great vacations. Bahamas in January, Ontario for my best friend's wedding and a road trip to Northern Ontario in July/August, and just back now from Maui/Kauai in Dec. Not to mention the month in Calgary as an evacuee, some parts of which felt like a vacation due to helpful friends and family.
    - Made quite a bit more money than anticipated!

    Stocks - $158,100 (+$500)
    ---TFSA: $48,300
    ---RRSP: $57,100
    ---Unreg: $52,700

    Haven't done much with stocks in December. Think I bought a bit more PM

    Cash - $146,800 (+$1,500)
    ---Unreg: $134,500
    ---RRSP: $9,100 USD

    Pensions - $58,600 (+$900)
    ---DB Pension CV (100% employer funded) : $36,500
    ---Supplemental DC Pension (50/50 matched): $8,500
    ---DB Indexing Fund (100% employee paid) : $13,600

    Usual contributions.



    Net Worth

    $363,500 (+$2,900)


    December --- $3,345

    Year End Summary

    This breakdown may be a little wonky, since I had weird cashflows during the fire and various insurance, government and company payments, but I'll try and reconcile it the best I can.

    Gross pay: $153,400
    Net pay: $107,400
    Annual Spend: $35,100 (Reduced by 2 months rent not paid during the fire)
    Annual Savings: $72,300 (Including Employee contribution to pension but not Employer contribution to pension)
    Savings Rate: 67.3%

    Spending breakdown:

    Total: $35,100
    Rent+utilities+insurance: $11,400
    Groceries: $3,350
    Vacations: $9,200
    Other: $11,250

    The main thing I'm looking at here is "other". I've managed to keep that relatively in check. Same as last year.

    Year-over-year Net worth

    Overall it's been a fantastic year, with a net worth increase of $171,200.

    That increase is broken down roughly as follows:
    Savings from Salary: $48,800
    Savings from O/T and Bonus: $18,500
    Pension contributions: $24,900
    Excess cash payments from fire beyond expenses: $3,500
    Stock gains: $75,500

    This is less impressive than it seems, as my stocks were down $25,000 in 2015, and oil, along with my portfolio, were at all time lows at the start of 2016.

    Merry Christmas everyone. I must go now and buy my GF a present still!

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    Heck ya. Just got bumped up out of my "Junior Engineer" status, and got a 10% raise! Monthly take-home will increase by ~$600!!

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    Congratulations and great results on your year-end net worth given the circumstances. Best of luck for 2017!

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    Your net worth is now ten times what it was when you started this thread.


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    January 2017

    New Year, new position at work, hopefully a better year than last! I barely have time or energy to think about investing these days, I'm so swamped in my new job. Trying to remain positive about it though and think about all the new stuff I will learn. As I said up post, I got a nice 10% raise too .

    Stocks - $173,000 (+$14,900)
    ---TFSA: $56,200
    ---RRSP: $60,400
    ---Unreg: $56,400

    Haven't done much investing. Sold a bit more TECK and bought 100 shares of EMP.A.

    There's some ~$6k in cash in the TFSA from my new 2017 deposit. I'll just call it stocks since it'll be invested shortly into something.

    Cash - $144,700 (-$2,100)
    ---Unreg: $132,600
    ---RRSP: $9,200 USD

    Pensions - $53,600 (-$5,000)
    ---DB Pension CV (100% employer funded) : $31,000
    ---Supplemental DC Pension (50/50 matched): $8,800
    ---DB Indexing Fund (100% employee paid) : $13,800

    Usual contributions, don't know why the heck my CV dropped and fluctuates so much, it does this all the time. Some months are up way more than expected, others down. The only thing I could think of is the interest rate is fluctuating? But that's not happening that I know of. Or it could be the 2017 year and new MPE are affecting the formula?



    Net Worth

    $371,300 (+$7,800)


    January 2017 - $5,537

    Bad start to the year! Lots of Christmas stuff to pay off and still part of the Hawaii trip from early December. Next month will be a doozy as well...We're going to Mexico!

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