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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaver101 View Post
    Barrie Zwicker thought he had received an email from Bell Canada, his telecom provider, offering “an exclusive reward” for participating in a short survey.

    His reward was two skin creams, which cost him $6 in postage charges.....
    The reward cost him $6 in postage charges.

    Who in their right mind would pay for a reward?


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    ^ A "retired journalist"? Too bad he wasn't a lawyer where he could do something about it.
    Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.-A. Einstein

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    Here's a recent victim of ransomware. The article notes that firewalls and antivirus programs can't help you if you click on that email attachment

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyMyOpinion View Post
    Here's a recent victim of ransomware. The article notes that firewalls and antivirus programs can't help you if you click on that email attachment, especially the dotzip (.zip)files contained
    in that attachment.
    While it's tempting to open email attachments, ransomware and cybercrime is so prevalent these days that if you see an attachment or a link to click on in the email, you better think twice before clicking on it.

    BTW, currently, 1 Bitcoin equals $1163.71 Canadian Dollars
    3 bitcoins as the cybercrooks demanded from the Calgary PC user is $3491.13! not small change to say the least!

    Why do people still think they are safe from malware these days?

    and personal files on your PC..
    ..if CryptoLocker gets into your system, it will be next to impossible to recover your files unless you either pay the ransom or backup your system from a previously saved file media
    such as the 8gb to 16gb USB memorys sticks. They are so cheap these days that ignorance is no excuse.

    If the ransomware prevents you from entering Windows or running programs, as lock-screen viruses typically do, you can try to use System Restore to roll Windows back in time.
    Doing so doesn’t affect your personal files, but it does return system files and programs to the state they were in at a certain time.
    The System Restore feature must be enabled beforehand; Windows enables it by default.
    and read this arrticle on ransomware viruses from PC World:

    If you still can’t find your data, and your files really have been malware-encrypted, you’re in trouble: Usually it isn’t possible to just decrypt or unlock your hostage files, because the decryption key is typically stored on the cybercriminal’s server.

    Some victimized users have reported that some pieces of malware will keep their promise, decrypting and returning your files once you pay (in particular, CryptoLocker’s handlers have been diligent about releasing the files of infected users who pay the ransom demand), but I don’t recommend paying.

    (CryptoLocker spreads via .zip files sent as email attachments, for example.)
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