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Thread: I have looked everywhere for a weber genesis II 310 propane

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    Spirit is Weber's lower priced series of gas grills. Genesis is their mid-range and Summit is luxury.

    Among Genesis grills with similar model numbers there can be design and quality differences. Some have stainless steel grates and flame deflectors, where others have cast iron grates and porcelain coated steel flame deflectors. In recent years the Genesis models sold at big box stores would have cheaper parts than those sold at specialty retailers, particularly cast iron vs. stainless steel grates.

    Bottom line is look carefully at the design and specs when comparing models and prices.

    I have heard good things from Napoleon owners. Some of their product is made in Canada. You can see their factory in Barrie from hwy 400.

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    It really does pay to buy a good product. We have had our Broil King for 20 plus years. I kept the original parts listing. Have only replace the burners once and the shelf that holds the briquettes once.

    If you know the exact model that you want why not try amazon or the on line stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Hudson's Bay etc. We are buying so much on the web these days because of price and convenience. Just ordered a king size bed on the web and we are looking at more furniture and some rugs. Saves running around, it gets delivered to you home, and you can shop and compare prices much easier, much faster.

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