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Thread: Bonds? who's buying? and what?

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    I have some $ in XBB ( ishares bond index etf) ytm ~ 1.6% & XHB (ishares Corp hybrid bond index ) ytm 2.6%. XHB is reasonable quality and duration. They both did better when int rates were falling ( 4-5%)
    Hard to argue for either but at least they are a protection in market downturns. High yield bonds have a lot of default risk & not sure they are worth the extra yield.

    Like preferred shares but they can get hammered in downturns too.

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    Commercials in TLT have put on one of their largest short positions in last 4 years while the large spec hedge funds have huge net long position. History is on the side commercials. Price structure looks like last year was a major high for bonds low in yield

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