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    The penalty for working is that all your employment income is confiscated until you no longer earn benefits in cash or in kind. If you're curious, read up on the welfare trap.
    Sort of like people who work for a living, except their money is given out as welfare to those who don't work. Average Canadian works close to 7 months now for taxes...makes you wonder why they do it.

    For those thinking to replace welfare with UBI, the question still remains, where does the money come from. Last I read, we're running a deficit which means we're spending more than we bring in. Shall we tax the remaining 5 months? Then UBI makes sense since no one will be making money, everyone will work and the government will allocate what we can all have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewf View Post
    Given that one shared-use autonomous car can replace up to 10 privately owned car, I think you might be surprised how quickly the fleet would be replaced. And if a car requires a driver to operate it, that car is going to the scrap heap when driverless cars are competing against it in the marketplace.
    It's fantasy to think that 10 people can share a car. A family of 3 or 4 has a hard time sharing one car...try sharing one with two of your neighbors for a couple weeks and let me know how it goes. Peak use is ignored in the self driving car fantasy...

    What happens when 20,000 people try to get a self driving car in the same half hour after a concert or football game? What happens in rush hour? Who cleans them? Who does maintenance? What if you don't like the one that shows up in your driveway?

    I don't see a magical utopia with self driving cars...I see a massive bureaucracy bloated with additional costs, waste, and all the usual that comes with such things. With my car, I have total control, but with a self driving car, someone else makes all the decisions and approves all the expenses.

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