Hello all.

I searched and searched and found nothing on this.
CRA / Ontario ministry of labour websites are criptic in their explanation.

I can deduct $31.70/week for room for my nanny.
(for reference, nanny works 44hrs and gets paid bi-weeky.)

When using the CRA online calaculator, how do I use this number?
Which check box? "Other deduction amounts approved by a tax services office" vs "Taxable benefits and allowances provided to your employee"
If the latter, then is the benefit insurable for EI? (does insurable = deduct EI?)

However, according to the Ontario ministry of labour website (domestic employee) (sorry, can't post links yet), I am suppose to lower her hourly rate by ($63.40/number of hours worked)?

My questions is how do I use the $31.70 amount?

As an exercise, I put in my nanny is paid $1000/bi-weekly.
Chaning the location of the $63.40 deduction really changes how much my nanny nets, as well as, how much I must remit to the CRA.