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    Quote Originally Posted by humble_pie View Post
    The high alcohol content is to macerate berries, flowers, buds, occasionally leaves, even sometimes a root or two, to make delicious things like syrups, cordials, sorbets, ice cream or yogurt toppers, spritzers or icings for cakes, cookies, brioche & other pastries ... an excellent base for iced summer drinks, too.
    The party is at HPs! Not so humble pie...

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    Looks like the folks on this forum are a bunch of mukkety-mucks compared to us.

    Almost all of our friends drink beer or wine ..... and not expensive wine ..... the cheap plonk that goes on sale at the local Co-Op.

    Our pathetic liquor shelf holds one Bombay, a Bacardi, a Smirnoff, one Crown Royal, some schnapps and a bottle of high end rum. No fancy martini mixes or high alcohol syrup fixins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by olivaw View Post
    Our pathetic liquor shelf ... no fancy martini mixes or high alcohol syrup fixins.

    c'est du l'alcool haut-de-gamme

    prenons une charlotte russe. Buttery ladyfingers or pound cake layers drenched in wild blackberry 94% alcohol liqueur. Thick whipped cream the same. Topped with fresh raspberries. A few toasted almond or dark chocolate shavings. There's more alcohol content in one dessert serving than a stiff drink.

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