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Thread: How much do your spend on groceries and dining out?

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    Average for wife and me is $400/month, whether in Canada or while traveling. Eating out on average $100 maximum, but double that when one of my kids is visiting. Booze, we are not big drinkers and are not connoisseur so we usually buy a couple of whatever red wine we can find on special in Calgary, never paying more than $6/bottle. When we are in Mexico, we drink Licor de caña, a very cheap but tasty cane alcohol (26-28%) that you can get for about $1.50 a bottle. My wife and I enjoy sipping it with a sugar cube and lime on ice after dinner.

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    Dining out 120/mo (date nights with gf, and cheap value menu McD's)
    Food 200/mo (just me: $50/week, buying things on sale mostly, stay away from junk food, rarely buy alcohol)

    I need to get shredded so I can ascend the peaks of Mt. Olympus and train with the Greek Gods, so I expect my eating out to be cut out aside from dining out on date nights.

    Or since my gf is cheap like me: she would see humor in a date where I take her to McDonalds and we have a romantic candle lit value menu McD's meal together.

    Or another good one: "There's this restaurant we should try where you get to walk from table to table, and each one has a different cuisine."
    *drive to Costco, proceed to free sample stations*

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    Groceries: $50/week
    Eating Out: $30/week
    Alcohol: $0/week (gave it up last year)

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    Groceries including cat food (live alone with two cats)- about $65/week, depending on what I feel like eating
    Eating out- $10/week (almost never, and if I do it's cheap and quick like a bowl of Pho or a couple of pizza slices)
    Alcohol- $0.00- gave it up 14 years ago.
    "What good is money if you can't inspire terror in your fellow man?"- C.M. Burns

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    only me and wife

    month food bill 800,,,,after all crops are in this fall harvest,,food bill will be much less,,,will still have to feed chickens,,seeds and other cost will be added,,will know more in the fall
    eating out 0
    booze maybe 80

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    Last time I checked, we were somewhere around:

    $315/mo for food per person
    $25/mo for eating out per person
    $7/mo for booze per person

    We really don't drink. I might have a beer or two at pub with friends when we go out for trivia or to watch a game (which is pretty rare). We consume far less alcohol at home then our friends end up leaving at our place after bbq's and dinners.

    Eating out we might do once every couple months. We have kids and our friends have kids, so its much easier to have people over for brunch or dinner.

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    We are in the ramping up phase. When we retired in 2002, it was after the tech slump and we had to watch our pennies. So I did active trading and earned my keep for a few years. Believe me, it was not easy but we made out great. We had a budget and followed it.

    Then in 2007, we decided to buy a snowbird condo. So 2008-9 was our first full season. We found that we could live high and eat out regularly and also not spare the wine. Our annual budget dropped to 60% and that included a trip to Europe for a month each year.

    After 9 years, we are looking to ways to increase our spending so as not to leave too big a stash for our kids and the CRA. This is mostly more gifts to the kids each year (a 40% increase so far), stepping up to totally fund the GCs college, and more charitable gifting.

    It is a fun problem to have, and, when we have a market meltdown, we can ratchet back easily. Based on the savings from snowbirding for 6 months, we now easily have a provision for LTC as well. Plus we don't have to worry about the IRS!

    (One of our splurges was to replace all our appliances in Mexico. The result has been a reduction in electricity usage by 50%! Not a big surprise but a pleasant one.)

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    I track my own spending on a weekly basis for groceries and I average around 65-75$ per week. I eat very simple food so extremely minimal waste.
    It helps if you have a diet plan (we CMFERS all have our plans!) Saves me from eating out because I want to follow it and therefore lowers my costs. I end up eating foods that will keep me full (fiberous) with lots of protein.

    booze? hard to tell as I drink maybe once a month so its probably $40-50 depending on what I drink - this is variable and can change depending on whats going on!

    dining out - this is tough but anywhere from 50-200$ per month sometimes.

    Now as a family of 6? Easily any time we go out for a meal it ends up being atleast 600 - 1.5k. (generally around 75-150)per person including drinks) * by maybe twice a month.
    Groceries for a family of 6 - about 100 per person per week.
    booze when the whole family is home - not so much as we prefer to have experiences, not drink them.
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    Just me and the girlfriend here. We average about $400 per month plus about $100 - $150 of eating out (once per pay period usually). We're working on shopping more frugally and watching the sales better. We're also working on a more set meal plan which should help as well. We eat a ton of fruits and vegetables, as well as good meats. We tend to buy produce and most meat at Costco which saves us a bunch compared to similar quantities at Safeway

    Booze isn't really worth worrying about. It's not a regular enough thing to budget for. My girlfriend doesn't drink and I pretty much only drink scotch. My scotch is $80 - $150 per bottle, but a bottle lasts a year or more at the rate I drink it. Current bottle was $65 and I bought it 14 months ago, still have half of it left. LOL Once in a blue moon I'll grab $20 worth of craft beer or something in summer while grilling.

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    Our monthly averages when at home (not traveling) for 2 retired adults. We don't track totals when traveling because much is all inclusive etc.

    groceries & sundries $490 - we eat very well/healthy for this, with zero waste, and garden provides some of years vegetables
    dining out $75 - pretty much my wife only, out with girlfriends 3-4X
    booze $ 65 - we make our own good quality beer and wine @ approx 30% of store cost here

    Total $630/mth or $315/person per month

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