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Thread: "Big Changes" Coming to ING Direct in Canada

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    The ad I saw a moment ago seemed to focus on "the future of banking" and depicted a client accessing ING via an iPad. Is this really just a marketing campaign or are they introducing better online and mobile banking tools and apps?

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    I am disappoint. But not much ING should do business wise seeing as they already have a relatively great service in Canada.

    Seeing as they were originally from Europe, I was hoping they'd copy some of the "future of banking" Europe had decades ago. Google tried to bring some of Asia's advancements to America with digital wallets but apparently it will take a long time to catch on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cal View Post
    CC you guys should have done a similar marketing plug prior to your CMF renovation.
    Unfortunately, we couldn't afford the $5K or so for the press release!

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