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Thread: Weighing the pros and cons of how deep to have roots in Canada at 65+

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    There is some wonderful information in this thread.

    Ian, can you share some idea of monthly spend in Thailand for a mature couple that wants a reasonable level of comfort?

    I've seen people cite $600/no but that is for backpackers. Our minimum expectation includes a private room, hot showers, and a reasonable level of safety.

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    Our costs would be strictly based on anywhere from two to six or seven nights in one place. Also, the accomodation would typically be on or very near the beach.
    We paid anywhere from 35-55 USD per night. Monthly rentals are either less, or you would get more bang for the buck. Especially monthly rentals that are a little away from the beach. The other consideration would be location. We paid $30USD in the north, Chiang Mai for a great B&B. Some include breakfast, others do not. Eating out is inexpensive. Dinner would be $5-10 depending where. Market street food to local restaurants. More if you want western food.

    We usually want AC, full bathroom, preferable a safe or lockbox, very clean, safe, etc. No dives thanks very much. I have no doubt that you can spend less for good acomodation. We tend to be a bit fussy.

    We did look at a few sites for monthly rentals when we were considering a month on Koh Lanta. Cannot remember the sites. We googled.

    We found Cambodia and Vietnam generally less expensive for lodging but about the same for food. Transportation-taxi, air, van, ferry, is considerably less.

    For nightly costs you could always get on the booking.com and try some areas, dates etc. to get a sense of cost or do the same on tripadvisor.

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