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Thread: Snowbirds: Who checks how many months in Canada in order to qualify for GIC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eder View Post
    People I know pay taxes in Canada but don't use any Canadian perks for 6-7 months.Its silly to require people to stay in your province.Sooner or later governments will figure that out as well.
    Fundamentally I agree with you, the taxes should solely be funding the healthcare.

    But I think the underlying issue is that residents contribute more to the local economy, paying rent, utilities, sales tax, property tax, insurance, licensing, etc. Canada gains nothing by snowbirds ducking these costs and playing Cost-Of-Living arbitrage by living in Mexico and then flying back to Canada to get their hips replaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclectic12 View Post
    Thanks! This link worked just now. I note only 2 flights being shown, so I guess since they are basing this on entries used with a passport only, as I know I had at least one more flight in the past 5 yrs, but likely used NEXUS for entry instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AltaRed View Post
    The optional separate health card is now a photo ID card....looking much the same as a DL. The old ones are either now completely cycled out, or soon to be.
    Yes they replace the old Care Card with an ID card. MIL got one after she lost her DL.

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    The answer to OP's question is that it is hard to check on this now, and consequently it is too easy to cheat. But this will change in future. With digital checking of ID at entry and exit ports, pretty soon the government will have a database to check. And if CRA can make a case that there is enough fraud going on, they will get permission to access it. You could see the thin edge of wedge when CBSA recently announced that dual citizens may no longer use one passport to leave the country, and another to return. The only logical reason for doing it is so they can match entries and exits.

    Canada is not an island, and does not have tight exit controls like New Zealand, but it will get tighter. Canadians theoretically don't need a VISA to visit NZ for a vacation, but they still stamp your passport with a 6 month visa on entry. When you leave New Zealand, you have to pass passport exit control, and I am sure that somewhere in the bowels of the KIWi government there is a computer that checks for anyone who has overstayed their welcome.

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