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Thread: OAS Processing Time (39 weeks and counting)

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    Thanks for the update. Based on your experience I definitely will be making my application 11 months before it should start.

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    OAS runs from July to July of the next year. As it is income based your last year's salary comes into play, especially if you work past 65, not the amount of the pension. You may start getting it and suddenly find it is clawed back because your income was too much. Then you have to not only go after the OAS people but the CRA. You may only have CPP coming in but they don't care. It is ridiculous in the age of computers that you have to wait so long to get these issues resolved. If you mail a paper into them then you have to follow up to make sure that they got it and logged it into their system.

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    My OAS commences in July.

    Mailed in my completed T1213(OAS) form to CRA today.

    It will supposedly change the basis on OAS from my assessed 2016 net income to my estimated 2017 net income in order to avoid any claw back. I hope that CRA processes this in a timely manner.

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