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Thread: Pension buyback vs Annuities vs Self direct RRSP

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    I glanced quickly thru this thread, and the mention of tax seemed to be noticeable by its absence. To make a true comparison, you should probably compare 'after tax' results.

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    Yes, Money Gal's book, "Pensionize Your Nest Egg," is very well written with some very good points of view.

    I would recommend it to anyone thinking on these lines. The way I see the world now is that DB pensions are a promise BUT... with the economic times and depending on the business and pension funds that promise is empty if they go belly up. A guarantee that is empty is just not there.

    The segregated annuity is a good option with the best of both world's from what I can gather.
    A wide diversification seems to be the better with all the investment vehicles being utilized in a hybrid...that Product Allocation term.
    It is a good read for anyone considering Lump Sum vs Pension.

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    I go with buyback for two reasons:
    a.Do monthly payment, so it is like another mortgage with term of 24 year @4.8% ,even better, it is open,tax deductible.
    b. Just another investment ,$1 in today , $2 out 20 years later with low risk. 100% in 20 years isn't too bad I figure(5% yearly)

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