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Thread: How much for Honda Civic maintenance?

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    I'd say part of your problem was going to the dealership in the first place. Find a trustworthy independent mechanic.

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    I had a B maintenance done at the dealer in January last year. They didn't do the extra inspections because we had only bought the car recently and they had inspected everything at that point. They charged us for basically just an oil change. It came to $67 including taxes and everything.

    Then in October we took it to an Acura dealer instead of our local Honda dealer. They charged $242.95 for the B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OptsyEagle View Post
    Just stop going to them. It's quite simple. Do you really think a new car actually needs all that service. The dealership does but I doubt you car does. You don't need to go to them to preserve your warranty...although they will always allude to that. Never in writing though, because it is not the case.

    Only go to the dealership for warranty paid work only. Every other service go to another mechanic that offers a competitive price...not the monopoly type price the dealerships get away with because everyone just keeps going back to them.

    Even better learn some DIY and order parts online

    I go to the dealer for recall work etc and their prices are insane (besides some loss leaders such as oil change because people actually know if they were charged 10 times too much for an oil change) They often recommend changing something that I know doesn't need to be changed because I take the time to inspect

    If you can't DIY then you need a trustworthy independent..

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