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    Moving over Multiple Dates


    I have searched the CRA site and haven't found an answer to this question so I am hoping someone here can shed some light. I moved ~500km in September to Toronto to start a new business & put the contents of my place in storange. In October I rented a big SUV and made the round trip over to pickup some of my things but most remain in storage & I intend to make 2/3 more trips myself to move the rest of the contents as needed.

    My question is can I claim all these trips as moving expenses or does the CRA only allow 1 trip? My plan was to use the simple method of reporting KM's and meal expenses for the dates I travel to/from my storage locker. Also I was intending to claim sept-dec for my sotrage bills as I still have items in storange I have yet to move due to the size of my current rental.

    I don't have any reportable income from my new business so I am doing this so that I can carry forward my balance to my 2017 return. Should I just wait till my 2017 return and claim all of it then?

    Cheers & thanks in advance.


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    I am not a tax expert, but I have made a move like that. It was a process rather than a date. My accountant was able to claim expenses that went over one year, including real estate fees that were incurred in the year prior to the move.

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