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Thread: Frugality has created buyer's aversion - thoughts?

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    I think ian was referring to dear wife not OP

    I love having a uniform for work because I don't even have to think about what to wear. The amount that simplifies my life compared to others makes me realize how shallow people are. My girlfriend for example, will stress excessively about being seen twice in the same thing within a certain timeframe. This also applies to any picture posted to Facebook etc.. hilarious to me but I also understand and pity the constructs of society.

    I buy clothes for their function and quality rather than a forced variety. I'll buy the highest quality I can find so that not only is it more enjoyable to wear but also doesn't need to be replaced as often. I don't buy or keep various versions of the same thing for the sake of not being seen in the same colour twice in a row.. We all have a preferred look and feel to our clothes so why wear something else for the sake of wearing something else..

    Many highly successful people always dressed the same way

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    It's very funny that OP wrote it. I used to feel guilty too when I spend. I know people like me is quite bad for the economy.

    But for years, I have been saving everything for a home down payment, then everything paying into the mortgage. I don't have cable, or TV. using cheap phone plan. I don't have expensive clothings, my work is more of a casual enviorment. My hobby is reading and hiking. LOL, both are not expensive. The only things I am not cheap with is food. I love to eat.

    But a couple of years back, I started a saving account called it "Home made happiness". And I save a percentage of every paycheque to my happiness account. And I set a rule that I must spend it say if the saving went up to 2k. This way I made myself to travel or visit the mountains more often. Since I still don't like to spend on much other things.

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