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Thinking about it, the real issue is that we tend to only hear the success stories. Even today, MMM’s latest post is about his wife’s super successful Esty business. I thought it was funny that she found retirement someone boring! In the comments was a comment about how someone did something similar, soap, and they finally quit as they made no money and barely any sales. It’s the same here a few successful people skew the results.
That is ONE of the issues - people only boast the end result which is what others envy. Nobody sees the energy and commitment that occurred before that. Nor the commitment to maintain that success. Its not a lottery where you buy a ticket, collect the winnings and take the sun all day on your yacht - which will also come to an end if that is the attitude towards the winning. Some people will chase the success at all costs (keeping up with the Jones') and fall flat because they are trying to do it the "lazy" way.

Success comes with a price. The people I know who became stupid rich devoted their life. That was their price. They have all the money in the world, but gave up their freedom. I know my post is becoming philosophical but it truly is a matter of finding what you want in life. That 'balance' is different for everyone.