I recently learned (via the Isaac Brock Society site) that CRA will be rolling out a new tax-residence form for the CRS (Common Reporting Standard) later this year. The short version of the story is, when opening an account with a financial institution, you may be presented with a CRA form in which you check off your countries of tax residence: Canada, US, other. The form isn't submitted to CRA, but is kept by the financial institution to prove it's done its due diligence.

I think this is actually good news, as it could stop the practice of banks using the US government W8 and W9 forms (with their nasty perjury warnings) for FATCA compliance purposes, which they shouldn't be doing. It could also make it far easier to avoid FATCA reporting, because many US persons will either not know that their US birthplace implies US tax residence (why would they?) or will choose not to check that box.