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If a Canadian breaks the law while in the US, they stand trial in the US and are incarcerated in the US.

He should have a trial in Canada under Canadian law.
I would agree with that if the target of the crime was primarily Canada/Canadians.

In recent times there have been a spate of cases involving Canadian criminals defrauding U.S. residents via telemarketing. That all start bawling when they realize that the U.S. actually punishes criminals. They beg to stay here and be sentenced to a week in Vancouver in January. Happily, in B.C. at least, extradition judges don't but it. Here is but one example of many:

EXTRADITION — Committal — • Evidence • Surrender — Judicial review • CHARTER OF RIGHTS — Section 6(1) — United States seeking extradition of fugitive on charges of fraud involving a telemarketing scheme targeting elderly U.S. residents falsely claiming they had won a lottery — Extradition judge finding Record of the Case providing sufficient, reliable, available evidence upon which to justify committal — Appeal court finding no error by extradition judge — Court also dismissing judicial review of minister’s surrender order, finding no breach of accused’s s. 6(1) Charter right to remain in Canada and not finding that surrender would be unjust or oppressive.