I can only shake my head

Why are people getting out and standing amongst vehicles during a pile up? Are people really that unconscious of their surroundings? Why are people driving that fast in a white out? Why do we fine people for driving overly safe speeds on dry payment in clear visibility but allow 18 wheelers to drive well beyond their safe capability in a blizzard?

Meanwhile +300 drivers stranded on highway 13 overnight

Y'all need to get on Waze already (owned by Google) I've been using it for years and in a city like Montreal I rarely pass small hazard that hasn't been tagged already in the app. It will automatically route you around accidents in real time, or at least warn you (so long as someone ahead uses Waze/Google maps which is highly likely nowadays)

I'm surprised municipalities don't take advantage of the real-time information available on Waze/Google Maps. City staff were unaware that people were stranded in a snowstorm until nearly 12 hrs after the fact