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    Nothing wrong with the principals going to the market to provide liquidity to their investment. Their timing & pricing seems have worked well for them.
    Which is to say that new investors may find the company challenged to maintain their recent growth.
    The parkas do seem to be catering to luxury/discretionary buyers.

    Funny how things go. I think back to the market that Woods (once a Canadian icon) used to sell their Arctic Oil King parkas and other outerwear into. I wonder if the goose are as warm as the oil king was? It was toasty, even under helicopter downwash on days we worked outside at -45deg c.

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    altaRed fashspeak says that you have just delivered the KOD to the poor goose

    Quote Originally Posted by AltaRed View Post
    Seems like a fantastic strategy to provide a monetization opportunity for the insiders. Given the extremely fickle and fake nature of fashion, I expect that surge to fade faster than indigo dyed denims.

    (The jackets have been worn in several films, including by Nicolas Cage (in National Treasure), Jessica Alba (in Good Luck Chuck) and Kate Beckinsale (in Whiteout).[19][not in citation given] American model Kate Upton appeared on the cover of the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in a bikini bottom and a Canada Goose parka.[20] Product placement with celebrities was part of the marketing strategy when it went international in 2010.[21]

    In 2016, rapper Lil Uzi Vert released a mixtape featuring a song titled "Canadian Goose".

    Canada Goose even uses athletes to promote its products. During Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz's final trip to Toronto during the 2016 Major League Baseball season, Toronto Blue Jays players José Bautista and Edwin Encarnación each gave Ortiz a custom-made Canada Goose jacket, valued at US$1000. All three players are from the Dominican Republic.[22][23])

    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyMyOpinion View Post
    Nothing wrong with the principals going to the market to provide liquidity to their investment

    it's true there's nothing wrong with the principals going to the market - for the principals.

    but for retail investors thinking to buy, when most of the shares being IPO'd are, in fact, 2nd hand shares being offed by the corporate founders & insiders, that's usually considered to be a red flag.

    often in such a case, a prospectus will recite that the proceeds of the IPO are to be used for general corporate development. No specific acquisition or new business initiative is mentioned.

    mercifully, regulators do require that the prospectuses divulge whether most of an IPO's shares are coming from the founders' stakes. Caveat emptor.

    ego borago gaudia semper ago

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    Simply put, the valuation on this company is very high. I fail to see why you would pay a rich amount for a clothing company when the product can reasonably be copied by low cost competitors. I wouldn't rush in.

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    Roots? Whatever happened to the Roots brand? They still on the go?

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