Multiplex or SFH with property manager
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Thread: Multiplex or SFH with property manager

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    Multiplex or SFH with property manager

    Hello all. I plan on making a rental purchase within the next 2 months. As I don't want a negative cashflow property, I've visited a few multiplexes in a town about 2 hours out of the GTA. Of course I won't be able to manage it given the distance so I've interviewed 4 property management companies.

    I have another investment property in a different city (single family) and I've used 3 management companies in one way or another. They had good knowledge but the level of service was not great and repair costs were high. But I'm willing to accept this. So I've learned to lower my expectations just as long as they would be upholding legal requirements of the LTA.

    My questions
    1) has anyone here had experience with using a property management company to manage a triplex/Fourplex?
    2) If so, what was your experience?
    3) Would a single family home be a better bet instead of a multiplex given I won't be able to manage day-to-day operations?


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    Property managers charge per door...the more doors you own, the better a client you are. The better the client, the more they should want to keep you happy. The reverse is probably also true.

    So, I've got a renter and two places a good, large client, the other a small one place owner...

    The amount of work to set up multiple properties isn't much more than one property. One location with multiple doors is easier than multiple doors at multiple locations.

    This may help in understanding the answer to your questions.
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    Yeah they charge as per the door.

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