Anybody had TWINRIX shots?
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Thread: Anybody had TWINRIX shots?

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    Anybody had TWINRIX shots?

    As we travel a lot was thinking about getting TWINRIX shots to prevent hepatitis... any body had TWINRIX?

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    Yes, I've had the Twinrix shots (this was in Ontario). Here's my understanding of the situation: Twinrix protects against Hep A + B for quite a long time, 20 years.

    Of those two illnesses, I think Hep B is the much more serious one. My doctor had first given me a blood test to test if I already had immunity to Hep B, which I think was test #2 on this page. The test showed that I did not have immunity, so I had the Twinrix shot.

    If you have that test done and it shows that you already have Hep B immunity, there's probably no point to getting Twinrix

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