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    Several years ago we needed travel insurance for a six month trip. It had to be flexible in terms of adding days since we did not have a firm return date. Since that time we have also shopped for travel insurance for shorter duration trips.

    We found that the easier it was to buy the insurance the more expensive it was, the more 'trip up' questions they asked, the the poorer the policy was. Right of the bat the bat we found the on line policies from the banks and people like Manulife to be the highest cost and lowest coverage options. They were the easiest to buy. We found this to be true the first time we shopped, and the same for three successive trips.

    This insurance becomes very important when you need it. Pay attention to the questions, the coverage, and to the medical evacuation riders. They are important. My spouse broke her neck in Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately she had first class attention in the hospital and we had travel insurance. All costs were covered. That is when one tends to think about insurance. Now we pay as much attention to it when we shop for a policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcowan View Post
    I use Mediquote because of pre-existing conditions. I have had 4 claims, 2 each in 2016 and 2015. None in this season so far with 6 weeks to go. All claims were handled without incident or delay. MY GP was contacted to verify what I had said on the application once.

    (One wrinkle: I had to put $20000 pesos on my credit card upon admission and, when I checked out, they could not credit the card and cut me a cheque, leaving me with the accumulated reward points.)

    The agent uses different companies depending on my status, including different companies for 30-day repeat trips and extended coverage for the 6 months. DW also gets coverage from a different company owing to rates.
    l spoke too soon. I broke my foot with 2 weeks to go. To save on insurance, I took a $250 deductible plan because it cost $500 less. The total bill came to $350 so I got $100 reimbursed. Still saved $250!

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    IMO, one thing to consider is to pre-arrange permanent travel insurance of the type offered by Blue Cross. It protects you in case of a diagnosis that insurers consider to be a preexisting condition.
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    Most of the sailors traveling the world that I know don't bother with insurance unless they are sailing in the US.

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