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    Quote Originally Posted by mark0f0 View Post
    Falling housing prices will continue nationwide, especially in Toronto/Vancouver. Toronto prices only appear to be rising because low-end entry-level activity has disappeared and the mix has moved to the higher end. The peak of the Canadian market was in 2013, including Vancouver/Toronto. Calgary was actually a bit earlier, and Edmonton never even returned back to 2007 prices. Individual identical properties do not sell for more practically anywhere in Canada than they did in 2013.
    Totally. Also the sun rises in the west and people go to bed in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyMyOpinion View Post
    Noob, What did you do with your primary that you were thinking of going rental on?
    Still deciding. At the moment, I'm leaning towards selling as I believe my house is not an ideal rental.

    Deciding factors: it's new home kept in pristine condition, was never bought to be a rental, just finished the basement with higher end finishings, selling and relocating will allow me to be mortgage free at 35.

    After I get settled into our new home, I will be looking to buy a purpose built rental, in an area I have researched fully.

    I got my eye on the four new GO Train East station locations: two new stations in Oshawa, one at Thornton Road and the other at Ritson Road. The Courtice station off of Courtice Road and Bowmanville’s on Martin Road.

    I got my eye on the new the 407 connection to Courtice Road they are calling the 418.

    My rental will likely be bought as pre-construction, close to GO, shopping, schools, new highway and rented to OPG office staff contractors working temporarily at Darlington. Their refurbishment which started last year is scheduled to run till 2026. These workers are currently having trouble locating accommodations.


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