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Thread: Benefits or social assistance for my retiring father?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sags View Post
    As a general question to the forum members.

    If a person in Canada, who never left Canada but struggled throughout their lives with addictions and other problems and didn't qualify for any CPP pension, reaches old age..........what benefits do they have to live on ?

    OAS/GIS/GAINS........? Could people survive on that income ?

    What do we do about people who "fall through the cracks" in our system ?
    He would probably have to continue funding his retirement like he funded his drug habit.

    That would most likely be stealing from family, B&E's, shoplifting, panhandling, dealing drugs, and robbing other citizens that have worked hard to be productive members of society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sags View Post
    My own opinion is there are a lot of people who earn a good living administrating all these benefits and don't recommend any changes.

    And politicians love the opportunity to take taxpayer money and spread it around.......appearing benevolent and caring in the process.

    A single guaranteed income would eliminate a lot of agency jobs and politicians would have to find "election goodies" somewhere else.
    There is already enough people sneaking across the boarder. Europe is a mess from immigrates coming for free handouts as they rape their women throw rocks @ the men as they destroy property. Minimum wage will not allow those to work that are not worth minimum wage then government wants them dependent on the government by tax payers supporting them with social programs. No free anything should be given away if need be community service for food & shelter. Get rid of janitors @ schools instead kids should be cleaning the schools so they learn how to be responsible for themselves when they get older. The way the system is set up there no incentive to be responsible & it is not being taught to kids.

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    I cannot imagine why you would think that someone who only lived in Canada for six years, and probably paid very little tax, should suddenly be entitled to to similar financial retirement benefits of others who have worked and paid taxes in Canada for an extended period of time or all of their lives. I believe the minimum requirement is 10 years in Canada post age 18.
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    Is there somewhere the OP expressed outrage about the rules that were discovered?

    It sounds more to me that the OP is in Canada, assumed the benefits would be the same, discovered the benefits aren't and is trying to make sure that the other extreme (i.e. assuming no benefits are available when there may be some) is not the second mistake made.


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