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Thread: Does Costco membership worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bass player View Post
    The Costco MasterCard points apply to purchases outside of Costco as well. I got a $183 rebate and know for sure that I didn't spend $9000 at Costco. The rebate was that high as I charge every purchase I can on the card because I'm a points whore.
    The Mastercard rebate is a different program. You can get the Costco MasterCard regardless of your membership level. It is a pretty good card with 3% rebate on restaurant purchases, 2% at gas stations and 1% everywhere else, including Costco.

    As a result when you have an Executive account and MasterCard, you get 2 separate rebate checks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naysmitj View Post
    ...and U.S. Costco only takes Visa.
    Is this true? I know Canada is MC only, but it seems weird that it would be solely Visa in the US.

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    I thought US Costco was still Amex only.

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