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    Quote Originally Posted by Koogie View Post
    Awesome. Are you chronicling this anywhere ?
    If you don't already use it, this website would be of particular interest to you.

    I know some people who drove around the world in a minibus a few years ago. They are planning on doing the PanAm in reverse next year. I am hoping to go with them on a section of it.
    Go meet your friends if you can, overlanding it is a fantastic way to travel, at times very difficult and challenging from the moment you get up to when you climb up to the rooftop tent in the evening (...and at my age, climb down a few times in the middle of the night to take care of business...), but so rewarding. And on road trips like these, the saying "the journey is more important than the destination" takes all its meaning in more ways than one. I've been researching this trip for a few years and found a lot of useful and practical info on the website you mention. We have pretty much "planned" everything that can be planned, thanks to that website and the experience of friends who are preceding us, but as much as we can plan, we are ready for anything on this kind of journey.

    All the best to you and your friends on the road!

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    Great idea....savor the trip. Mexico is like 4 or 5 different countries all with special unique things to see & do. I met 2 guys from France at the gringo bar in Mulege that were doing the trip on unicycles...

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