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Thread: How much you spend on utilities and other essential services?

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    Quote Originally Posted by murumanie View Post
    Internet and TV - $450/month
    Holy crap!! Do you have the top-of-the-line internet and every cable channel known to man?

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    Satellite internet?
    amat victoria curam

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    Okanagan area of B.C.
    Electricity $3100.00
    MSP 1800.00
    car insurance (2 plus travel trailer) 2500.00
    tv, internet, phone 1800.00
    cell 550.00
    property taxes 2700.00
    water 1,300.00
    hedge trimming 700.00
    House insurance 700.00
    TOTAL 15,400.00

    Larger home in then Okanagan on .70 acre. The water bill is painful and hedges are close to 15 or so feet high and is too risky for me to maintain. No gas to house. Fuel for vehicles and sporting activities are also about $10,000. PA (5,000.00 each).

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    West Coastin
    gas 0
    hydro (electricity) $1,820
    water 0
    internet/TV 620
    property tax 2,720
    school tax 900
    car insurance 1400
    home insurance 900
    cellphone 0 (work pays)
    cellphone 600
    home phone 0


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    cell phone - $700 (will drop to $35 per month soon)
    cable/internet - $1300
    hydro - $600
    natural gas (heating) - $400
    auto insurance - $1200
    gas for car - $1000
    house insurance - $850
    property/school taxes - $2200
    water - $0 (well)

    total - $8,250

    This is for a 1000 square foot house.

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    Home Insurance - 1219.00
    Property Tax - 2162.02
    Care Insurance - 2200
    Telephone/Internet/TV + Netflix - 2110.51
    Auto Insurance - $2200
    Mobile Phone (4 phones - 4 prepaid Koodo phones $15/month + Booster pack minutes/data as needed) - 1248.00
    Electricity - 985.18
    Gas - 519.25
    Utilities (water) - 446.90

    Looks like I should be looking to improve my home insurance rate, it has become brutal last few years. Recently moved to home phone with virgin (unlimited Canada calling for $10/month for 2 years), and took cable down to skinny cable this month...still working on wife and kids on whether we really need cable. Should have some improvements this year.

    We live in South Interior of BC.

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    Electricity: $ 636
    Property Tax: $ 3200
    School Tax: $ 842
    Home Insurance: $ 960
    Car Insurance: $ 0 (no need for car)
    Internet: $ 1200
    Cellphone x 2 : $ 960
    Home Security Alarm: $444

    Total: $8242

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    I just have a simple question, why do people have both a land line and a cell phone? Is there a reason that I might not be aware of? I am honestly curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joetheneighbour View Post
    I just have a simple question, why do people have both a land line and a cell phone? Is there a reason that I might not be aware of? I am honestly curious.
    By keeping my Home phone with Bell I get several discounts, the least of which is a waive of the $15 fee for a whole house PVR. I also get a discount for keeping 3 services with Bell if I have a Home phone.

    A wired home phone gives me to keep a quality phone line that allows me to talk to my family and friends without sounding like I'm calling from the bat cave. Cell phone voice quality compared to a wired home phone isn't even in the same league. Cell phones are horrible for sound quality.

    If my battery goes dead on my cell phone, I still have my home phone in an emergency. If the power goes out for a week, how will you charge your cell phone. My home phone will continue to operate.

    Do I need to give you more reasons?


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    Well, for dinosaurs like me I can probably summarize the reason in one word - inertia.

    But there is the excuse that after 40 years my home number is part of my dna, kind of like my SIN #.

    I can rationalize that the home phone is such a small % of my phone-tv-internet 'bundle' that I wouldn't save very much by dropping it.

    Or what if I need to hook my fax machine up to it some day? And its old school, wired to the wall, so if the power goes off it still works.

    There is the fact that the only cell phone I had up until 8 mos ago was a Nokia 2610 with Rogers pay-as-you-go for emergencies. My activated $10 vouchers always expired after a month without being used. I did get pretty quick at pressing the number 7 four times to get the letter "s" though for the few texts I did send. I've read that I should keep it in case I decide to become a drug dealer.

    I'm still getting used to my 'new' Galaxy S4 that I got 8 mos ago. Circumstances have meant that I have used it pretty extensively, so I do appreciate its value. I still can't visit CMF on it though - its just so damned small. I learned how to dictate my texts when I have wireless rather than making my fingers do unnatural things. I really like that part. Come to think of it, its just like I'm talking on the phone. No one seems to use their cell phone to talk on do they?

    I can remember my home number - does anyone know what their own cellphone number is?

    I learned that I don't have to be afraid of losing all my contacts. So the little cheat sheet in my wallet is starting to get pretty dog-eared. Apparently all of my contacts (and a lot of my older family) live somewhere in the clouds. They can never be lost!
    I really like that part.

    Am I likely to cancel my landline anytime soon? Not until dinosaurs are extinct

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