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Thread: How much you spend on utilities and other essential services?

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    Hmmm... no one has listed beer yet? You did say essential services, didn't you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd Investor View Post
    Hmmm... no one has listed beer yet? You did say essential services, didn't you?
    Could be included in groceries.
    It is amazing though that people would complain about necessary items to live and omit how much they spend on beer.

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    enbridge (gas) = $1500
    hydro (electricity) = $1500
    water = $300 (well maintenance)
    internet = $960
    property taxes = $4200
    x2 car/home insurance = $4400
    cellphones (x2) = $1200
    home phone = $60
    Total = $14,120 Ottawa
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    gas 700
    water and sewer 800
    hydro 900
    rogers 1200
    property tax 4312
    car house ins 1158 ins is with a large group with work
    no cell phone

    total 9070

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    We rent a townhouse which is inclusive except hydro. (1080 a month)

    I didn't include car costs as it isn't essential to own a car in retirement.

    Hydro 1400
    Renters Insurance 400
    Rogers Cable 5600 (includes TV, internet, home phone, 3 cellphones)

    Total 7400

    Total housing costs of rent plus utilities = 20,000 per year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1980z28 View Post
    water and sewer 800
    no cell phone

    total 9070
    That seems like a bit for water and sewer!

    Mine is less that $216 a year ($18 per month on average which includes fire service), but then I don't use that much water as a single person.
    Property tax $4312 seems high.
    Rogers $100 a month..I cut the cord years ago with Rogers and Bell...they tend to overcharge for all their services.
    Now I just pick up 5 channels off the air and have a pay as you go old cell phone with Freedom Mobile. I use Teksavvy'
    internet + Home phone (NA LD included for $58 per month, $696 per year.

    My humble semi-detached accomodation within the city of Ottawa averages $500 a month for essential services; property taxes *$268 a month paid over 10 months, ($2680 a year),gas heat avg out to about $60 a month ($700 yearly)(more in winter months less in summer months), $840 for hydro and $57 for house insurance : ($649per year incl 5% ON tax) on $260K rebuild value.

    Totalled up for the year, it cost me about $425 per month + internet/home phone..around $6000 a year/$500 per month.
    today a room in the city can cost as much..

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    Ontario, Canada
    Property Tax $2700
    Hydro + water (same bill) $1680
    Gas $684
    Insurances (Home & Auto) $2040
    Cell Phones (2) $1800
    Phone/Internet/Cable (same bill) $2280
    Water Heater rental $360
    Total $11544

    Been thinking about getting rid of our home phone and lowering cable. It’s not worth the expense, especially the home phone now that we both have cells.

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    Rent a small 2 bed room unit in Ottawa. Hydro is insane compared to what we expected/told by the owner. In summer we averaged $100/month (no air conditioning) and winter it's up to $140 (gas furnace). Makes no sense honestly. We've spent the winter cutting back on everything during peak hours. Incredibly inconvenience and barely making any difference at all. The Hydro cost has ruined the value of this apartment. We're moving when the lease ends in May. Just outrageous.

    Other utilities are included.

    Tenant Insurance: $205
    Cell Phone: $660 (each)
    Internet: $840

    No home phone. Car is through company. No cable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carverman View Post
    That seems like a bit for water and sewer!

    Has always been this price average

    Will sell house in april

    New house will be much less

    water and sewer,,zero,have own well and sewer
    tax is for all of last year 518,,,will go up on next assessment
    no gas heat,will use electricity and .09 cents per KW,thinking 1200 for the year or less,,new house with lots of insulation,,well over code
    insurance for house 488
    no cell phone
    rogers 1200

    My cost to retire will be very little in NL

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    Satellite $76
    Rogers internet $90
    Cell phone x3 $51
    Water $65
    Hydro $190
    Gas $82
    Property tax guesstimate $400
    Insurance $400
    Voip phone $24

    Total $1378/month

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