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    I met Bryan Adams many years ago while skiing at Cypress Bowl. At first I didn't recognize him, but I noticed quite a few people turning heads, and noticing this guy in a black ski suit. I ended up next to him in the chairlift lineup, and we chatted briefly about the snow conditions, and I wished him a good day of skiing.

    I met Chris Gailus (news anchor for Global News at 6 here in BC) a couple years ago at Vancouver airport. We were both waiting for the same flight to New York City. We had a good 10 minute chat about the hot news stories of the day, and how he was heading to New York for a buddy's bachelor party and wedding. He was also happy to pose for a photo with me. A super friendly guy.

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    I met Pamela Anderson like..20 years ago.

    lol, I'm old

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    So my sons and I were at a fishing lodge on gorgeous Lake Athapapuskow by Cranberry Portage, Manitoba. Big bonfires and a sweltering, late July evening.

    Down the way an NDP group was gathered and were in merry celebrations. We were toasting the evening and being secluded I was dressed only in a pair of what we call gotchies, when out of the darkness, carrying a chilled Blue was our then Premier Gary Doer, I assume he was sneaking away for a leak.

    Being a smooth politician and probably into the Blue basket he stopped and chatted. This was OK but being dressed rather skimpy I was more than uneasy. Always wondered if Gary was a tad curious about my attire and what kind of group he encountered.

    So that is my claim to fame, chatting with the Premier while dressed in briefs!! (Gary was a fine fellow that evening but....)

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    I did some technical advising for movies and tv on the side around 1994/6 and met quite a few celebs. Selleck, Barkin, Fishburne, George C Scott etc. Was even in a few productions for fun. X Files etc. I was usually dead in X Files.

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