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Thread: Technology may be going too far, too fast.

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    Oh right, he just sprang up out of nowhere to be a tv personality...

    That whole working his way up in the industry, running a hedge fund thing was just his mythical back story...never really happened.

    Wasn't it you who was saying "you can make your own at home, just leave some loose change in a pile of laundry and in 21 days you'll have your own personal financial advisor".

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    Robots That Teach Each Other What if robots could figure out more things on their own and share that knowledge among themselves? (Source MIT Technology Review)

    The article is written in plain English and illustrates both the limits and the possibilities of the technology.

    It discusses "AI" that has to do with general purpose robots. The AI needs to be able to recognize and grasp objects. It learns it through experimentation and experience. The next step is for the machines to teach each other.

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