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    Quebec Heavy Vehicle Quiz

    A driver whose home terminal is Quebec City drives 140 km and finishes his shift in Shawinigan. On Tuesday and Wednesday he starts and finishes his shift at the Shawinigan terminal, making deliveries within a 160-km radius. On Thursday he makes deliveries and then travels 400 km to Saguenay. The operator keeps a record of the driverís hours. For which days would the driver need to fill out a daily log?

    a. Thursday only
    b. Monday and Thursday
    c. Wednesday and Thursday
    d. Monday only

    Can anyone tell me which one is correct and WHY?

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    The drivershould fill out a daily log for every day that he drives regardless of hours or mileage driven. However there are exceptions
    From the Quebec government handbook...
    29. An operator shall require every driver to fill out and every driver shall fill out a daily log each day that accounts for all of the driverís duty status for that day.
    Time must be recorded using the local time at the driverís home terminal.
    O.C. 367-2007, s. 29.
    30. Despite section 29, a driver is not required to fill out a daily log if
    (1) the driver operates a vehicle that is not covered by a permit issued under Chapter III;
    (2) the driver operates or is instructed by the operator to operate a heavy vehicle within a radius of 160 km of the home terminal;
    (3) the driver returns to the home terminal each day to begin a minimum of 8 consecutive hours of rest; and
    (4) the operator meets either of the following conditions:
    (a) the operator maintains registers showing, for each day, the driverís duty status and cycle followed, the hour at which each duty status begins and ends and the total number of hours spent in each status and, if applicable, the reasons for any excess hours or deferral of hours of rest in accordance with this Regulation; or
    (b) the operator maintains registers showing the date and time when the day begins if different than midnight, the cycle followed by the driver, the hour at which the driverís work shift begins and ends and the total number of service during the day provided that
    i. the work shift begins and ends during the same day,
    ii. the duration of the work shift is 13 hours or less, and
    iii. the duration of the period of rest before and after the work shift is at least 11 consecutive hours.
    So pretty easy to read and figure out.

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    It's too complicated. Which one is correct? And with briefly explanation.

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