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Thread: Lowdiv TSX portfolio - tracking

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    Interesting stuff James

    Hidden Content - Working on a $1 million portfolio and $30k per year from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james4beach View Post
    There's a little over a month to go before the next update and rebalance. In the current period the TSX (XIC) is up 1.9% and my portfolio is up 9.3%.

    Six of the eight positions are outperforming the TSX. Portfolio dividend yield is 0.3%
    If we were to select a small subset of TSX, we would expect it to be more volatile than TSX with the same expected long term return (assuming diversified choice of industries). Didn't the same companies underpeform TSX in the previous reporting period?

    Otherwise, "low dividend" investing is what they call "factor" investment. Everyone is buying the opposite factor (high dividends), so outperformance of a contrarian low div strategy shouldn't come as a surprise. However factors tend to take turns in providing outperformance benefits.

    Regardless of the above, the monitoring period is too short to be meaningful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mordko View Post
    Regardless of the above, the monitoring period is too short to be meaningful.
    True, this is too short a period and it could just be volatility that I'm seeing.

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