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    Quote Originally Posted by Userkare View Post
    ILooking back now, I have to wonder why they didn't use natural gas for heating from the start; why deal all with the black coal soot when the gas comes out of a sealed pipe. I doubt that anyone at the time was concerned with climate change, so I assume that people used what was most economical at the time.
    Maybe because the gas lines were not available in every area back then where people lived. That is still true in rural areas where you have to rely on fuel oil or propane (or if you can even afford it these days)..electricity for heating.

    Electricity at one point was touted as the most efficient, affordable and pollution free form of heating .
    All electric homes were the rage in the 70s. Some were built in my area of Ottawa and over the last
    20 years a lot of homeowners have pulled out the baseboard heaters, installed ducting and gas furnaces.

    It only took a few 'years to break that myth in Ontario, gov't mismanagement and the privitazation sell off of the old Ontario Hydro has killed that dream that electricity should be affordable. Now we have TOU rates, set
    up in such a way that you have to do your laundry and cooking after 8pm to try to save.
    Never mind the fact that both the husband and wife have to work and pay expensive child care to work
    to pay for those huge mortgages and electricity bills.

    LED light bulbs are here, and now we need some kind of efficient "LED heaters to cut down the amount of electricity we use", so that the Wynne gov't can pay the electricity generators NOT TO PRODUCE ELECTRICITY so they can keep the prices high.

    It's a gov't led conspiracy and the only way we can shame them is to force an election.

    Now we are faced with a punitive tax for using what, at this time, is the most economical fuel. What are we supposed to do, use less? We've already been shamed into installing automatic set-back thermostats that lower the house temps overnight, or when the house is vacant. Or should we just shut up and shiver?
    You have a choice...stop using nat gas and use expensive electricty or stop using as much electricity and
    use nat gas with these special consumption taxes added on to the existing taxes that are still not enough
    for that tax monster..the Ontario government.

    If I believed, for a moment, that the money would be used to fund research into clean renewable resources, I would be less upset by this. More likely, the money will just disappear into the hole dug by years of government mismanagement. Maybe some will be funneled into companies with Liberal Party ties, that will come up with some bogus green scam. Flux capacitors, anyone? Energy from garbage?
    No matter how much is collected in carbon taxes, it will all go into the government "black hole" (general revenue)
    and the debt will stll keep rising. No real effort to come up with renewable energy sources.

    Ontario’s net debt will reach $350 billion by 2020-21. He warned this province’s debt burden is one of the highest among Canada’s provincial governments and an interest rate hike could put its credit and “fiscal flexibility” at risk.

    This province has the largest sub-national debt of any jurisdiction in the developed world. With a population a third of California’s, our debt load is double that of the biggest U.S. state. LeClair’s worried the province’s 12-year, $160-billion capital spending spree is driving us further into the red.
    Green Power..we already have that..the most expensive power per kilowatt.

    Ontarioans still not paying enough tax? Wait for another 3 years with the Wynne gov't ...Tax them some more!

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