For what it's worth my cannabis play, which I implemented a while ago, was to buy Phillip Morris. I got in a few years ago, because I could see the writing on the wall and figured big tobacco was ultimately where things would wind up. Who better to produce cigarettes? How could small companies compete? PM has all the equipment, distribution, brands, etc.

Of course nothing has happened so far (despite several hoax articles that say the opposite) but the stock has also gone up nicely since I bought in and pays a dividend. Philip Morris was spun off from the parent company and has access to the entire market outside of the USA (including Canada) while the parent company has the USA market (which only has four states where its legal). There is also talk that they could recombine at some point (why would they do that if the USA is in a declining market, unless there was something they may test world wide that would increase market share domestically).