I should have clarified. All of this started with a fee-only advisor (an independent guy they heard about in town), who helped them with some tax strategy and retirement planning.

That guy doesn't manage money himself, so he gave them ideas of a few wealth management co's that he's had positive experiences with from other clients. One place in his list was Mawer and he brought up MAW104 as a one-size-fits-all, but he also listed a bunch of other outfits including Steadyhand.

At the time, I had not heard of any of these. I was asked to research them, and when I did, I thought Mawer stood out as the most attractive among them, especially with MAW104.

So the nice thing is that their fee-only advisor did not push them into Mawer, but listed it as one good option among many. Once they decided to go with Mawer, the originally fee-only advisor referred them to a particular guy at Mawer.