How to insert photos into a thread?
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Thread: How to insert photos into a thread?

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    How to insert photos into a thread?

    Hi Folks,

    How do you insert photos into a thread? I've tried upload from computer and from a URL, but none worked for me. Is there a trick of sort?


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    You might need to click on "Basic Uploader", I found for myself that the uploader from computer that's the default didn't work, but the basic uploader worked. I haven't tried from URL.

    Also, if you use the advanced posting mode instead of the quick reply, there's a "manage attachments" section that seems pretty easy to use.
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    if you really truly want to upload a full-frame photo from your computer, you'd have to send the picture to a location with a URL. Often a photo hosting service. Common ones are flickr & picasa. Load your chosen picture there under the "public" tab.

    cmf member zylon uses another service that seems to work pretty well. And there are others.

    another way that works is to right click on a photograph, select "properties" & copy the addy. Make sure you are respecting any copyright that applies (ie if copyright, don't copy.)

    you can pass that addy through the cmf reply "insert image" widget, but it's easier to just paste the photo addy. Precede it with [img] & end it with [/img]. Occasionaliy it helps to fool around with the http://www part of the addy.

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    Hey there,

    As the others have already mentioned, you can use the attachment manager, or the "Insert Image" icon.

    It may not have worked for you, if you had left "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" checked. Ensure if you are taking a URL from the internet, to uncheck that box.


    Let me know if you have any issue with it.

    - Jb

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